Miracle Babies: Full List Of Ghanaian Celebs Who Got Married In 2020 And Gave Birth Less than 9 Months Later

The miracle baby! A new term that has entered Ghanaian parlance, it refers to a baby born to a new couple less than 9 months after getting married.

This term popped up because many Ghanaian celebrities often hold off on getting married until they’re forced to do so.

Usually, the only thing that forces celebrities to get married is pregnancy and the fear of being humiliated by a lady’s family for impregnating her out of wedlock.

So after a celeb impregnates a lady, they are forced to marry and then that baby is born less than 9 months later and is then tagged a ‘miracle baby’.

2020 saw some celebrity marriages and subsequent miracle babies.

However, Ghanaians have fallen in love with the term so much sometimes when a baby is not even a miracle baby it’s tagged as one.

So long as a couple recently married and gives birth, that baby becomes a miracle baby whether they fulfil that 9 month criteria or not!

Below are some memorable miracle baby stories of 2020.

Medikal and Fella Makafui

Medikal and Fella Makafui got married in March 2020, just prior to coronavirus taking over the world.

Not long after their wedding, rumours started swirling that Fella was already pregnant and that forced them into marriage.

The couple vehemently denied this but the rumours kept persisting until Medikal confirmed in August that Fella was pregnant in a music video.

A month later in September, they confirmed she had given birth.

Now whether she gave birth in September or earlier as some believe, it was nowhere near 9 months! Island Frimpong is a true miracle baby.

Kency2020 – Kennedy and Tracy Osei

Ghanaian billionaire Osei Kwame Despite’s son, Kennedy Osei, is another Ghanaian celeb accused of having a miracle baby in 2020.

Kennedy and his wife Tracy got married in February this year.

In November, it was reported that Tracy had delivered of twins, although again reports of her pregnancy and delivery had been around long before that.

Social media users immediately jumped to the conclusion that the couple had welcomed a miracle baby, although February to November comes out to exactly 9 months.

If earlier reports prior to November that Tracy had delivered were true, then Kency also welcomed ‘miracle twins’. Officially however, it was exactly 9 months after marriage!

Joe Mettle

Fans Amazed Over Joe Mettle’s Instagram New Photo
Fans Amazed Over Joe Mettle’s Instagram New Photo

Ghanaian gospel star Joe Mettle also had to deal with accusations of a miracle pregnancy after getting married this year.

Not long after getting married to Selassie Dzisa in August this year, numerous reports came out that Joe Mettle had been forced to marry his wife due to impregnating her!

Mettle was alleged to have impregnated Selassie and had no intention of marrying her but some elders, (perhaps from his church) threatened him.

However, the singer came out to deny that his new wife is already pregnant!

For this couple it’s now about a waiting game – nothing can be hidden forever so we guess time will tell!

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com

post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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