Tsatsu Tsikata Files Applications To Review Supreme Court’s Ruling And Compel Jean Mensa To Testify

Lead Counsel for the Petitioner in the ongoing election petition in the Apex Court of adjudication, Tsatsu Tsikata ESQ has hinted on filing two applications on the ruling of the court in the matter of not willing to compel the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Mensa (Mrs) to testify.

The Supreme Court earlier today read out its ruling on the long standing argument between lawyers of the petitioner and the 2nd respondent after the 2nd respondent has declined mounting the witness box to be cross-examined.

Not satisfied by the outcome of the ruling, lawyer Tsikata has plans to file two applications in court with one for a review of the judgement and the other calling for Jean Mensa (Mrs) to mount the box.

This hint comes during a post-press conference by the petitioner’s lawyers.

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