Kasoa Ritual Murder: Father Of One Of The Suspected Teen Killers Speaks, Reveals What Happened | Video

The father of one of the suspected killers in the Kasoa ritual murder has narrated what actually happened yesterday — 3rd April, 2021.

He said his wife gave birth to a newborn baby — who is just 3 months. So he was at home nursing the child when his wife went to fetch water.

So while at home, his son (who’s one of the suspected killers) came to him to report that his friend (the other suspected killer) has killed Ishmael [the deceased] and dumped his body in an uncompleted building.

Alarmed by the news, he went to the place to find out what happened. So upon reaching the building which is full of grass, he realised that blocks were packed at a particular place.

So after moving the bricks, he saw that there was a lot of blood on the floor.

Since he’s a mason, he went for his shovel and dug the ground only to find out that there was a body of a boy buried there.

By then, his wife returned from where she went to fetch the water so he called her to identify the body of the deceased and she mentioned that he’s the son of one Hajia who lives in the area.

The man said he then asked his son to narrate how everything happened. In narration, the little boy said he was playing game with Ishmael (the deceased) when the other suspected killer came to tell him to go and call Ishmael for him.

So he went and called Ishmael and just when they reached the building, the other guy hit him with a stick which made him unconscious and he died on the spot.

The man said he asked his son what they were planning to use the body for and the boy replied that he doesn’t know so they were playing computer game when the other guy sent for Ishmael and he did just that.

So he didn’t know that the other suspect had this evil plan in mind.

The man further stressed that he believes his son is innocent.

Watch the video below:

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