Patapaa Would Soon Become the Biggest Artist in Ghana — Captain Smart Endorses ‘Skopatumana’

Patapaa has once again become the author a viral challenge, this time known as the ‘Skopatumana’ challenge. For the second time in three years, Patapaa’s name is everywhere due to one of his songs.

‘One Corner’ became so big it went all around the world and the way ‘Skopatumana’ is blowing up we won’t be surprised if it follows a similar path.

Yet it’s not everyone who is on board with Patapaa’s latest challenge. Many are mocking him for it and calling him out for releasing nonsensical songs.

Captain Smart, the veteran radio presenter, has praised Patapaa for being able to inspire such a challenge. According to him, he doesn’t know why people are criticizing him and he believes even as people are insulting him, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker would soon become much bigger than the big names in the industry.

“That guy (Patapaa) you need to watch him, I hear people insult him, saying he doesn’t sing good songs. The guy is flying and people are not just looking at it to take inspiration and gradually the big shots you think they come out with good songs, Patapaa will overtake all of them.” Captain Smart said on Hitz Fm.

Irrespective of how one chooses to view Patapaa, the truth is a lot of what he does grabs headlines and it’s conceivable that he would one day be the biggest artist in the nation if he keeps on inspiring viral trends in the way he does.

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