The only way I could stand as a better rapper was to move away from SarkCess Music – Strongman Explains

Kumasi-based musician and former SarkCess Music signee, Strongman after departing with the record label have described his two-year contract with the music the label as both ‘good and rough’.

After two years of working together, music label SarkCess Music and rapper Strongman parted ways and fans were eager to know why the two best rappers in Ghana couldn’t work out or continue working together.

In a letter dated 14 April 2019, SarkCess music announced it has part ways with Strongman and labelled their experience as a priceless one. They expressed their appreciation to everyone who supported Strongman in various ways.

Speaking to TV3 after his performance on TV3 ‘Music Music’ last Saturday, the rapper disclosed that although he enjoyed working under Sarkcess Music, his two years with the label had a few glitches.

He explained that SarkCess Music did everything they had to do for his music but it seems Ghanaians expectations were not met and there was nothing they could do about it.

“But on the real, he was also doing his personal best and we are all trying to, you know, push the brand to that level but the fans; the expectations from the fans out there is very huge that the two of us cannot do anything about” he said.

He added that it is in the nature of human beings to overstep and offend one another in the process of human relations but is convinced keeping the ‘Father and Son’ relationship with Sarkodie will do his brand a lot of good.

“You know it has been good and on the other side too, it would be rough at times. You know we are human beings, no matter whatever happens there would be someone or two issues which would come up that maybe he would not understand or me too I would not understand.”

“So in the nutshell, I would say that it was a good contract, but we just need to keep that good relationship even though the contract is no more, we still need to keep our relationship like father and son” he said.

According to the rapper, the only way he can stand as a rapper in his own right is to move away from Sarkcess music stating that he is focused on building a sustainable career that leaves him staying relevant on the music scene long term.

“Personally, I also see that I am doing really well. The only problem is that so far as you are under Sarkcess, people don’t really see what you are doing. If I was to be on my own, and I am doing what I was doing at Sarkcess, people will see me as a hero”.

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