Funny: I’m Not Letting Him Go, You Can Cry Blood – Side-chick Tells Her Sugar Daddy’s Wife

The side-chicks are now snatching husbands with force and if you are a wife and play it soft with a side-chick, you’ll cry at night while she enjoys with your husband in her home.

This is the case of a wife battling it out with her husband’s side-chick and from the screenshot of chat sighted by on social media, the side-chick isn’t ready to let the married man go.

According to the side-chick, she will never leave the man alone even if the wife cries blood because it’s her husband who slid into her DM and asked her out without telling her that he is a married man.

This brave side-chick says once the married man has banged her a*s and seen her n-kedness, there is no way she will let him go and what annoys her most is his wife calling to insult and warn her to leave her husband alone as if she was the one who asked her husband out.

The brave side-chick warned that if the wife misbehaves they will dirty themselves on social media since she is trying to bring the whole issue on social media.

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