DJ Arafat’s wife burst into tears after hearing news of her husband’s death | watch video

Emma Lohouès, partner of DJ Arafat sheds uncontrollable tears after news reached on his husband’s death.

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Emma Lohoues is the mother of a small boy and she is a socialist and also an actress.

DJ Arafat, an Ivorian singer with a huge following in francophone Africa, has died after a road accident in Abidjan.

Videos and photos circulating saw the singer before his death riding a motorbike and smashed into a car. Critically injured, he was taken to an Abidjan hospital, where he later died.

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A ten minute video from what a CCTV captured, a car crossed to his lane but he was far behind the car. From the video, DJ Arafat was over speeding with his motorbike which made him smashed it into the car.

Watch CCTV footages of how DJ Arafat’s accident happened

In a new video sighted, DJ Arafat’s wife was uncontrollably in pain for losing her husband. In this new video, she looked astounded hearing the news.

Watch video below

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