Lydia Forson Finally Talks About Her Lab Coat She Wore To See Cardi B | See Post

Lydia Forson has finally voiced about the Cardi B Saga.

Just in case you missed it all, lemme gist you …So cardi B arrived from Nigerian late morning yesterday with her crew in her private jet and was met by fans at the airport. see photos and videos of Cardi at the KIA here.

On Cardi’s arrival at Kempinski Hotel, she was met by a bunch of hungry-for-fame Ghanaian celebrities who had been waiting for her for hours, but she nicely snubbed them on her arrival. see how she ignored Efia Odo, Lydia Forson, and the likes when she got to the hotel. or also, click here to see how the embarrassed celebrities matched out after the snub. or also, check out how Sarkodie swerved the media when he was caught going to see Cardi B at her hotel.

Reacting for the first time about the issue and those trolling her and her colleagues, Lydia Forson commented,

Now to my colleagues and other industry players who’re gloating at this, know that some of these girls are the same people you ask for favors from- you beg them to make appearances for you, in movies, music videos, etc, you beg them to post your work, support your brand and a lot of this for nothing because of “relationship,

On why she thinks the organizers invited that many female celebrities,

Obviously it was a strategy to get as many people there as possible- and it worked,

The WHO [organiser] is shifting blame, playing coy and refusing to come out and defend us against the attacks, because it will mean admitting to what they did. But it’s not on them, it’s on us for not seeing through the façade

the discussions are never about the people who organized this; the media always gives a one-sided account and everyone else jumps at the opportunity to ridicule, especially females in the industry they feel are undeserving of the title ‘celebrity’

Oh, check out what Lydia Forson wore to the meet and greet here, and why people were trolling her for wearing a lab coat.

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