Ibrah One Is Liar Says KOD As He Gives More Details On Ibrah’s L3ked Photo

Ghanaian born UK Military socialite, Stanley Kodia well known as KOD has exposed Ibrah One on his l3ked photo that is going viral on social media

Nu.de photos of Young billionaire, Ibrah One got released to the internet after Blackmailing trick failed by his former (Ex) girlfriend.

Ibrah One explaining how the photos got l3ked said that a man contacted him just 3 days ago requesting $20,000 blackmail money from him but refused to pay and the person has released the photo online to disgrace him.

According to K.O.D Stanley, the photos were actually leaked by a slay queen who is Ibrah One’s abandoned side chick

In a submission made by KOD on his social media page, the lady leaked the photos because things got bitter between them after he couldn’t satisfy a promise he made to her.

KOD also alleges that Ibrah One’s claim that the pictures were taken some three years ago is just a ploy to calm down the nerves of his current side chick, who has been angered after the release.

We cannot verify if any of this is true but you check out the screenshot below and make your own judgment.

post by: Nyame Kwaku Prince for thedistin.com.
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