Shatta Michy ‘Slaps’ Back At Shatta Wale And Ibrah One Singly, Reveals More Secrets | See Post

Shatta Michy replies Shatta Wale and Ibrah One.

Diamond Michy, popularly known as ‘Shatta Michy’ has rebutted claims made by both her ex-lover and Ibrah One.

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According to Michy, people who keep talking negatively about her are the same people who don’t contribute a dime to her success nor that of her son, Majesty’s well-being.

In this, Michy has revealed that even though she mothered Majesty with Shatta Wale, she’s independently catering for herself and that of her son.

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Well, Michy is some where thinking of her new restaurant and from no where two grown up men who claims they have money are making her to trend negatively.

Ibrah One revealed in his dirty revelations about Shatta Wale that he ‘chopped’ Michy and that if he (Shatta Wale) wants to know the actual size of his ‘joystick’ he should ask Michy.

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Shatta Wale also revealed that she doesn’t care about Michy and that he and some other guys have her raunchy photos that are on pending to hit on the internet pretty soon.

Everyone was apparently trying to say something badly about the other since to get the each other irritated.

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Michy expressed ‘I don’t care’ feelings towards the negative news the two grown up men were saying about her.

On her Instagram story, she noted that she doesn’t know the size of anyone’s ‘joystick’ and she doesn’t care because no one feeds her.

Check out her post below (Swipe)

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