Nick Cannon Drops Eminem’s Third Diss Song, Calls Em A Racist | Video

TV star, Nick Cannon, releases his third diss song to Eminem.

After Nick Cannon released his two tracks aimed at Eminem, he’s out with another attack on Em.

After Nick Cannon’s first two diss songs to Em, even though Em hasn’t replied to any of his songs, netizens on Twitter already buried Nick with a hashtag #ripnickcannon.

On Thursday (Dec. 19), Cannon unloaded “Canceled: Invitation,” his third official diss song aimed at Slim Shady. Curiously, he lists Em as being featured on the track. In actuality, Cannon just includes a clip from a never-officially-released song Em supposedly recorded back in 1988.

The song title continues Nick Cannon’s Invitation theme, with this one obviously indicating that Em’s been uninvited to whatever he was invited to in the first place.

Watch and Listen to Nick Cannon’s third diss to Eminem below

Eminem for multiple times has apologized for going deep on Black girls.

Cannon plays Em’s old clip before he launches into his own diss song and calls Em a racist and says that he won’t forgive him.

“I don’t give a damn if his ass was young/I can’t let that slide, that’s on my son,” Cannon raps on the track.

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