Photo of the Movie Director who was ‘Pressing’ Vanessa’s ‘Nufuo’ on a Movie Flyer pops up

This is the alleged movie director who was captured with Vanessa Adu Sarfo.

Few days ago, video of a mother angrily roasting her daughter got the internet buzzing.

The mother of one up and coming video vixen and model, Vanessa Adu Sarfo, lost her cool as she furiously attacked the movie director for disgracing her family.

Simply, the movie director in question made Vanessa’s go topless on a movie flyer and Vanessa’s mother got noticed of the photo on Facebook.

Mother of Vanessa has revealed that she will get the movie director arrested in the following year (February, 8). has sighted on the movie director who deceived Vanessa to go topless on a movie flyer.

Check the photo out below

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