Mercedes Benz Gifts Symply Tacha One Of Their Cars | This Is How She Got Her Benz

Symply Tacha turned a new chapter as she celebrates her 24th birthday.

December 23 was the special day the BBNAIJA superstar, Symply Tacha, as she received countless of wishes when turned 24 years.

Symply Tacha was gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz worth 9 Million Naira.

Tacha received her Mercedes Benz by the courtesy of her huge fan base, Titans.

On Twitter, a Titan tagged Mercedes Benz in her tweet asking whether Tacha’s Benz has arrived to her and Mercedes Benz replied her noticing that they’ve sent it but are not sure if she has received it or not.

Mercedes Benz on Twitter wrote;

We’re not sure where the gift has got to Tacha,😉 however we want to wish you a fabulous birthday! 😍 😍 😍

Check their post below;

Tacha in responding to tweets by Mercedes Benz revealed she has received it and showed appreciation to the company.

Checkout the post

See photos of Tacha’s car below

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