“I Aborted My Baby At Age 19 And I’ve Slept With Over 100 Men” – Queen Farcadi | Video

Queen of Snapchat and hook ups, Queen Farcadi shares her story to the world.

Queen Farcadi was on Deloris Frimpong’s “The Delay Show” and actually she was the last guest to culminate the year 2019 with Deloris on her show.

Even though i won’t advice anyone to be in her shoes and wish to be like her, I absolutely love her bluntness.

Queen Farcadi revealed that she went through her habit of chopping men because she felt it very tiring to look for a job to do.

According to her, she tried doing a job but she stopped because she was lazy and not ready for such jobs.

She then moved to showing her n!ket photos on Instagram to attract men which she described as an easier job.

In her interview with Deloris, Queen Farcadi also disclosed that she had bad friends who were always ready to support her. She disclosed that she had a Nigerian friend who was fair and advised her to bleach her skin to become fair to serve as baits to easily get costumer, this is why she’s now fair in complexion.

At a point she ignored using protections which made her pregnant and since she had no money at the age of 19, she has no other option than to abort.

Queen Farcadi revealed more hidden information about herself in her conversations with Deloris Frimpong.

Watch full interview below:

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