Father Of Two Stabs His Wife To Death Because She Is Pregnant With Their Third Child | Photos

A young man from Brazil murders his wife during sex because she is pregnant with their third child.

Following six weeks of questioning, 21-year-old Marcelo Araújo told the police in São Paulo that he killed his make-up artist, Francine dos Santos, 22, following claiming that she was pregnant for the third time.

He admitted he didn’t want any more kids because he hated sharing his wife with them and wasn’t pleased with the financial burden it put on him as a young father.

The couple already had two children, a daughter, four, and a son, two.

Explaining how the fight began between himself and his wife, Mr. Araújo said the couple began discussing arrangements for their family’s Christmas dinner on December 22 last year but things went out of control when they got involved in a heated pregnancy debate.

Both managed to settle their differences soon after the heated argument, and went straight into their bedroom to make love. The perpetrator stabbed his wife with a knife several times during the intimate session, before cutting her throat with a blade.

After committing the crime, the father of two tried to take his own life.

Police said they found him seriously injured in the family home in Várzea Paulista, a municipality in the state of São Paulo with injuries to his neck and wrists.

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