Ball J On Okay Fm Reveals Why He Dissed Sarkodie

The Ghanaian HipHop rapper/ music producer reveals why he had to beef Sarkodie after he released Subzero a few days ago.

A few days ago, Sarkodie released a hardcore rap “Subzero” which sounded more like a diss song to all his fellow rappers in the country.

Now, regardless of the fact that Sarkodie explained on TV3 that Subzero was not directed to any particular rapper and for that matter to him, he classified at as a cool hardcore rap song and not a diss song.

The issue here is if what he is saying is the truth, his choice of words on the song says otherwise, so basically Subzero if not directed to one particular rapper then it was directed to all the rappers who one way or the other have stepped on his toes before.

After Subzero was released musicians like Asem, Ball J and Shatta Wale somehow felt the song was directed to them so they had no choice but to retaliate.

Ball J released his own song to Sarkodie titled “Lullaby”, just in case you’ve not heard it. Click here to listen and download Mp3

A few days after he released the song YouTube had to pull it down from their site. Click here to read more on why that happened

During an interview on Okay Fm which was hosted by the popular radio and television host Abeiku Santana, he asked Ball J what led to all this beef all of a sudden and this is what he said: “it all started when he did a freestyle and posted it on social media which was described by his fans and other Hip-hop lovers as the best they have ever heard.”

According to him, Sarkodie felt he was losing his titled as the best rapper and this fueled why he released Subzero to prove he’s still on top of the game.

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