Fake Pastor Kwadwo Sarpong Called In To Blast Demon Breaker And Kwaku Annan On The Hot Seat Show

Bishop Kwadwo Sarpong called into the hot seat show on Net2 yesterday to blast Demon Breaker and the show host Kwaku Annan.

The guest on the hot seat show Demon Breaker while revealing some of the fake pastors in Ghana, made mention of Bishop Kwadwo Sarpong as one of the fake pastors in the country.

According to demon breaker, the bishop was the one who introduced him to occultism and that simply means he is not genuine and shouldn’t be referred to as a true man of God

Meanwhile, a few minutes after he revealed this, Bishop Kwadwo Sarpong called into the show to into viewers that he is lying to everybody including the show host.

Here are some of the things he said when he called into the show yesterday and i paraphrase

I don’t know him from anywhere, we are not even friends because he is young in terms of age but due to the love I have for my very good friend(he didn’t mention his name) I came close to him in order to preach God words and salvation to him and that was the only relationship between us.

Right after saying the above, he challenged him to show everybody where Him(Bishop Kwadwo Sarpong) took him to in order to be initiated into occultism.

He also said if possible he will like the police, and other top security agencies to follow him and all the Net2 crew with demon breaker leading them to show where the temple he is talking about is.

Finally, he said, he is very broke, he is financially suffering, his children are lacking, the car he drives has a lot of problems and if he was into occultism will all things financial problems exist in his life.

Below is the video tell us what you think about it in the comment section

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