Mr. Eazi Invent New Workout Routine In A Tik Tok Video To Burn Calories Faster | Watch

Nigeria’s sensational artiste Mr. Eazi has invested a new work out procedure in a Tik Tok video which he posted on twitter to help burn calories faster and easier.

Can we say he is not only a musician but also invented? well, he is not a professional expert anyway but it does look like aerobic exercise thou.

In the video, we can see how happy and serious he’s taking this whole new invented exercise to burn calories

He keeps exercising and jumping from left to right right to left and he repeats the same procedure front and back. But are we safe, in fact is he safe lol

I invented a new work out procedure!! Burn calories Guarantied

He wrote on twitter

Below is the tik tok videi he posted on twitter, let us know what you think

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