A Disabled Old Lady Survived After She Was Buried Alive For Three Days By Her Own Son

A disabled old lady has inexplicably survived after she was buried alive by her own son named ” Ma Mou” in the province of Shaanxi located in north-western China. This was released by the Jingbian County police officials on Tuesday morning after his wife ” Zhang Mou” reported that her mother in law was nowhere to be found.

According to the police, paralyzed 79 years old ”Wang Mou” was extricated from the pit after her 58 years old son was arrested and questioned. They stated that, the wife reported to them about his mum being missing after sending her out on a trolley around 8 pm at night. On his return, his wife made inquiries about the whereabouts of her mother in law and the answer she was given, was that, she has been sent to visit her families but she became suspicious of her husband.

They arrested her husband after the statement of his wife, for questioning and further investigation. He pleaded guilty and confessed what he had done to his mum and where she was buried alive. Some police team was selected to search for this old lady, she was found crying out for help in the grave. This woman was still alive being in a pit, three days without food and water.

The convict is now in police custody and he is going to face the law for attempting to kill his own mother intentionally.

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