Inmates Tested Positive For Coronavirus After Fumigation In Accra Police Headquarters

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in Accra Police headquarters, have reported that some number of prisoners in the cells have tested positive for coronavirus and have been isolated for treatment. He also made clear during the fumigation and cleanup process at the police headquarters that, they are waiting for the results of the other samples of some convicts, which have been taken for further investigations.

‘Police-Zoomlion National Disinfection and Fumigation Exercise,’ is a sanitation program organized by some partnerships which include Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Police and Waste Management giants. The goal for this program is directed towards the cleanliness of the police headquarters and their surroundings which includes their training schools and other offices.

According to the reports given, more than 1000 police stations in the country, including some police training institutions, would be engaged in this sanitation project.

Sophia Lissah ”  Head of Corporate Communication for Jospong” carrying out this project to increase the healthiness of the police surroundings was very critical as the people involved are part of the front line workers giving in a helping hand to combat the disease in Ghana.

“Greater Accra Region has 14 divisions and this is one of them. Today all the divisions are undertaking this exercise but the disinfestation is happening at just this center where we have the cells, the striking force etc…but then the other areas will be scheduled for next week, Sophia Lissah said.

“The police project is quite unique because aside from the officers themselves, you realize that they are all together – the police, the inmates at cells, the family (of the police) they all live together in one community so if one has it, it becomes a bit pricey; you can’t tell what will happen so it is key for us that as we are doing this, we are looking at all the people here,” she said.

She indicated

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