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Company Brief

AngloGold Ashanti Limited is a global gold mining company. It was formed in 2004 by the merger of AngloGold and the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation.

AngloGold Ashanti Limited is now a global gold producer with 21 operations on four continents.

AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana) Limited is currently on a journey to redevelop the Obuasi Gold Mine into a modern, efficient, and long-term profitable operation. The underground mining operation will be fully mechanized, designed to produce up to an average maximum of 5,000 t/day of ore mined.

Job Description

The company is hiring experienced and educated individuals for the position

Recruitment Of Maintenance Planning Superintendent


  • Deliver the Safety Management plan elements for the areas under the incumbent’s control.
  • Provide technical input to the Safety Manager, Technical services manager, and Construction Manager in order to develop the safety management plan for the construction and refurbishment works, consistent with AGA’s Integrated Management System and Standards.
  • Review the application of safety standards and work practices for the refurbishment construction workforce to enable the safety targets to be managed and achieved.
  • Apply HSE regulations with zero tolerance to breaches.
  • Demonstrate safety behavior consistent with AGAG’s vision and values.
  • Lead by example to create a safe working environment, where risks are assessed and managed so tasks are performed without risk of injury or harm.
  • As a minimum, achieve zero reportable environmental incidents, zero compliance breaches and no events requiring public disclosure.
  • Utilize ‘Analyse and Improve’ tools to investigate process interruptions so that exposure to environmental risks is reduced.
  • Reduce energy usage by running the plant energy consumption per unit produced at the optimal rate within sphere of influence
  • Support the Processing Department to maintain Cyanide Code certification.
  • Take active accountability for the performance, training, and development of the maintenance planning team to ensure the company gets the best out of every employee under your area.
  • Using AGA’s How we Work guidelines, clearly define the roles and accountabilities of subordinates.
  • Recruit and appoint people to role in accordance with AGA policy and localization objectives as directed by the Engineering Manager-Technical.
  • Ensure the organization structure can deliver the maintenance strategy.
  • Communicate policies and procedures in a manner so as to achieve full understanding and compliance.
  • Provide guidance to subordinates in leadership techniques to achieve maximum performance.
  • Verify that supervisors develop a skills matrix that includes all disciplines and individual achievements.
  • Identify skill deficiencies and initiate corrective action.
  • Develop an appropriate succession plan for key positions with the correct supportive development plan.
  • Provide major inputs to Operational Readiness for the Surface and Underground engineering/maintenance throughout the operation.
  • Develop the Operational Readiness plan for the Engineering team including localization plan.
  • Engage and develop appropriately skilled, capable and experienced personnel in the area of accountability.
  • Support the development and implementation of systems for the Engineering department to provide effective quality planning of work, efficient and safe work practices, monitoring of performance and promote continuous improvement
  • Lead, direct and manage the AGA Maintenance Planning function to achieve excellent work management and attain effective utilization of labor.
  • Take proactive initiative to ensure shutdowns are planned, scheduled, and safely executed within the right window without overrun.
  • In partnership with end-users and supply chain, set up a consistent min/max system to ensure smooth flow of spare parts for both planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Design and implement a robust component refurbishment program for ‘rotables’ to ensure that at any point in time every major component has a healthy spare on site.
  • Implement corporate programs, e.g. asset management strategies, System for People, Operational Effectiveness, etc across areas of control.
  • Deploy management routines to identify defects in the workplace and proactively plan and schedule same for execution.
  • Prepare the departmental budget that support the company’s objectives and strategy.
  • Ensure cost impacts in area of accountability are evaluated, approved and budget is revised.
  • Identify, communicate and implement potential cost reduction initiatives.
  • Manage the department in line with the operational budget.
  • Communicate to subordinates the relevant financial detail to each individual’s level ensuring their understanding and obligations to meet the budget goals
  • Utilize the SAP asset maintenance management system in maintenance activities.
  • Develop and maintain Engineering Management Plan, as a key Project Execution Plan sub-plan in the area of accountability
  • Maintain a regular SAP asset maintenance management system operational readiness interface and hand over meeting.
  • Participate in formal cost and schedule reviews to support accurate and timely reporting.
  • Inspect all component refurbishment works to ensure works are delivered in accordance with applicable designs, specifications, and expectations.


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical or Maintenance Engineering or equivalent.
  • Masters’ Degree in Management will be an advantage
  • Financial, commercial, and project management through work experience and courses.

Recruitment Of Maintenance Planner – Shutdowns


  • Ensure section’s compliance with the requirement of Government of Ghana Agencies, lending institutions, shareholders’ interests, environmental, health & safety legislation and company regulation
  • Responsible for Safety, Environmental, and Social Responsibility policies for the section and accept personal responsibility for the health and safety of every mine worker under or assigned to his/her supervision.
  • Ensure safe planning of maintenance work during shutdown in all areas on site ensuring the work is in compliance with plant and electrical safety obligations to meet safety targets.
  • Demonstrate safety behavior consistent with AGAG’s vision and values.
  • Lead by example to create a suitable safe work environment to motivate staff, employees and contractors to achieve optimum effectiveness, productivity and operating costs
  • Support and make room for continuous improvement of safety performance.
  • Support the Maintenance Planning Manager by planning all process plant and equipment shutdown activities.
  • Contribute the refurbishment project and maintenance team with accurate work plans for shutdown.
  • Liaise with the Planning Manager and Project Manager to set work program and target milestones for each phase based on the project plan for shutdown.
  • Monitor critical activities based on the shutdown project schedule and advise shutdown project management accordingly.
  • Prepare and submit updated shutdown work program and cash flow curve showing actual time plan and identify areas of weakness and establish means and methods for recovery, if any
  • Monitor day to day shutdown work progress and prepare the daily progress and closeout report.
  • Maintain and record update of shutdown work progress obtained from Project Managers and Engineering Manager
  • Support the provision of master shutdown project schedule updates with respect to refurbishment and maintenance activities
  • Support the rollout, implementation and training of SAP maintenance system and smooth transition of the system into the operational phase for use in shutdown planning and execution in all on-site areas. Ensure the operating team is appropriately trained and proficient in using the shutdown planning portion of SAP system, to support a smooth shutdown execution.
  • Proactively manage change to avoid potential project cost and schedule overruns.
  • Ensure spares inventory supports current and future shutdown planning requirements.
  • Identify and implement shutdown opportunities to help prevent reoccurring failures that may adversely impact on production.
  • Provide inputs into the identification of reliability monitoring by recognizing irregular and unusual repetition of potential maintenance activities.
  • Ensure asset purchases are effectively and efficiently done in through structured system that is consistent with AGA policies.
  • Provide input to due diligence for procuring goods and services to support the refurbishment work and maintenance plan.
  • Adhere to procurement procedures and processes.
  • Ensure cost codes are correctly allocated to all refurbishment activities.
  • Assist in the development of quality and performance reporting metrics
  • Interface with Contractors and/or Construction teams regarding refurbishment works that support the overall work plan, schedule and expectations.
  • Interface with the operational readiness team, particularly around the rollout and implementation of SAP.
  • Complete the skills matrix and maintain up-to-date
  • Identify skill deficiencies and initiate corrective action
  • Attend key planning meetings on a weekly basis and as required.
  • Participate in shutdown project and maintenance meetings as required.
  • Maintain meeting records, agreed actions, and follow up to ensure actions are completed.
  • Attend regular SAP asset maintenance management system operational readiness interface and hand over meeting.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Planning Manager and Engineering Manager in relation to SAP asset maintenance management system progress rollout and training in shutdown planning, and issues impacting on compliance or causing delays.
  • Participate in internal and external construction audits as required.
  • Produce daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports accurately and timely information that clearly conveys the status of shutdown planning and execution and SAP asset maintenance management system rollout.
  • Advise refurbishment and maintenance works progress and KPI status to the Maintenance Control System Advisor, particularly potential cost, schedule or quality variances.
  • Identify and address shutdown and SAP implementation risks, by communicating potential issues to stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • Inspect shutdown works to validate progress and status.
  • Participate in formal monthly risk reviews.
  • Proactively identify and manage change in assigned area of responsibility to avoid potential cost, schedule and quality issues.
  • Provide input into the commissioning plan.
  • Coordinate planning resources to support the commissioning process in the Surface Support Infrastructure


A Bachelor Degree or equivalent tertiary qualification in a relevant (mechanical or electrical) engineering discipline.


  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience as a maintenance planner/supervisor in mining operations.
  • Project planning highly regarded.
  • Preferably owner’s team, multi-disciplined, design,
  • Construction and commissioning experience, with contractor management experience, within a large blue-chip mining or resource environment.

Recruitment Of Condition Monitoring Technician – S/F Infrastructure & STP


  • Work compliantly with the requirement of Government of Ghana Agencies, environmental, health & safety legislation, and AGAG regulation
  • Accept personal responsibility for his own health and safety and that of every mine worker affected by his work
  • Adhere to site’s Environmental Management Plan
  • Assist Reliability Engineer in gathering information for reports
  • Conduct audits of surface infrastructure and process plant Equipment.
  • Conduct reviews of the condition monitoring function to identify actions for continuous improvement
  • Assist the Reliability Engineer to develop condition monitoring routes and checks for Plant equipment;
  • Execute CM checks on a routine scheduled basis. This includes visual checks, vibration data collection, infrared data collection, ultrasonic data collection, motor current, and flux data collection, simple NDT data collection;
  • Analyze and trend predictive maintenance data (vibration, IR, etc.) to determine plant condition and report this condition for action;
  • Monitor the general physical condition of plant assets and report
  • Monitor preventive and corrective actions as necessary;
  • Generate work requests in SAP as required for maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Perform routine condition monitoring tasks on all the rotating equipment by data collection using advanced portable data collectors and other tools according to the established schedules and also as per the plant requirements.
  • Gather information on vibration & other data collected in order to diagnose/troubleshoot rotating machinery problems.
  • Actively participate in Reliability improvement programs and Root Cause Failure Analysis process of Rotating equipment as per requirements.
  • Monitor equipment performance on the asset health system and take proactive measures to address symptoms of potential failure
  • Report directly to the reliability engineer on issues and identify and execute improvement projects
  • Stop equipment from working if there exists a high risk or unsafe to be used


  • Minimum of Diploma or Equivalent Technical qualifications in Mechanical Engineering
  • Level 1 certification in condition monitoring will be an advantage


  • Six (6) years of experience in the mining industry, with at least 2-3 years in an engineering operating facility.
  • Familiarity with the Ghana Minerals and Mining (Health Safety and Technical) Regulation
  • Specialized training in vibration analysis and other condition monitoring techniques

Application Deadline

Interested candidate must submit their application letter and Cv by 8th June 2020

How To Apply

To apply for this position send your CV and application letter to the official website. Visit here to apply

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