Falguni: Cars And Luxury Lifestyle Of Suyash’s Wife In Jiji Maa, Popular Adom Tv Twinovella

Tanvi Dogra is a young Indian TV actress who was born and brought up in Mumbai.
She started her acting career in 2016 and she is 24 (approximately) years old. She is best known for her role of ‘Babita Akhilesh Sharma’ in the TV serial ‘Meri Saasu Maa’. Meri Saasu Maa.

Her popularity has crossed boundaries especially with her outstanding role in Jiji Maa series.

Tanvi Dogra plays Falguni in “Jiji Maa” series. Falguni is Niyati and Piyali’s sister, Suyash’s wife, and Laddoo’s mother.

Tanvi excellently plays all these sides of the character Falguni. For her younger sister, Niyati, Falguni is a mother figure, and endures all the difficulties Uttaradevi has laid down to protect her sister from sorrow.

It’s no surprise with her charming beauty and talent that Falguni is one of the show’s favorite characters.

Thedistin.com has in our privy some beautiful photos and videos of Falguni when she’s on-set and her normal life away from screens.

Aside acting, the frictional character is an iOS app developer and a free-spirited young gorgeous lady who always is found filled with love on TikTok.

Also, see below photos and videos of the luxurious lifestyle of Falguni (Suyash’s wife in Jiji Ma):

Falguni’s cars

More photos with her colleague actors in Jiji Ma

Falguni’s son

Falguni’s brother

Sadly, the beautiful Indian actress shared a photos of her parents noting that she has lost her mother.

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