Giovanni Caleb Mocks His Colleague Female News Anchor, Ayisha Yakubu, For Making Grammatical Errors On Live Tv | Video

Giovanni Caleb teases his TV3 colleague, Ayisha Yakubu, for making a grammatical mistake while on television live.

Ayisha Yakubu had comments to adhere to some safety precautions to avoid contracting the novel Coronavirus and, unfortunately, she ‘gbaa’.

Interestingly, Giovanni Caleb, her colleague male host on TV3, has edited the video and inserted memes which will make you watch the video twice.

While sharing the hilarious video, Giovanni Caleb wrote:

Shouts to my girl AYISHA YAKUBU. something small for throwback Thursday. If I don’t troll my colleagues & friends who else will. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ hellooo @nyannthierry

Watch video below:

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