Comfort Konadu: Ghanaian Cleaner Who Was Arrested In Manchester For Spending Money She Received In Her Account By Mistake Speaks I Video

Comfort Konadu, a Ghanaian cleaner who was reportedly arrested for spending a big sums of money she accidentally got from a charity home, finally tells us what happened.

Comfort Konadu, a Ghanaian cleaner who was allegedly arrested for spending 24hrs out Of £90,000 she mistakenly received breaks silence and narrates what actually happened.

A cleaner who accidentally received £90,000 in her bank account but did not tell anyone is now under investigation. 

Comfort Konadu, 52, mistakenly received the sum when she went to return an item at a charity shop, a court heard.

A total of £90,047.19 was transferred to Konadu’s account in error.

The cleaner did not tell anyone about the wrong transaction, but instead she transferred £57,000 of the cash out into other accounts, including to her children.

After discovering the error the bank were able to freeze and retrieve some of the money, but the Royal Mencap Society have lost more than £31,000, Manchester Evening News reports.

A Proceeds of Crime investigation is set to take place to establish whether the charity can recover any of its losses.

Watch her as she narrates her ordeal in the video below:

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