Rape Case Between A ‘Slay Queen’ And A Ghanaian Rich Man, Both Speak In A New Video

Ghanaian rich man, Mr. Jeff known widely on Snapchat as ‘Too Much Money’ and Angie Nyamewaa finally break their silence on their trending rape case.

A story has been trending fast online that initially had it that Angie Nyamewaa had accused Mr. Jeff known on Snapchat as ‘Too Much Money’ of raping her, click here if you missed the trending story.

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For the first time, the two have spoken in a phone conversation with Rashad of GhPage Tv and they have different stories altogether although both admitted they made out.

According to the lady identified as Angie Nyamewaa who refused to give an in-depth explanations when she was being interviewed, she agreed that indeed the rich man raped her and the case is being investigated and in due time, she will release a video of her side of the story.

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On the other side of things, the rich man when he was called gave an insightful explanation of what happened between himself and Nyamewaa.

Mr. Jeff aka Too Much Money noted that Angie Nyamewaa the alleged Rape Victim is a good friend to his girlfriend and through his girlfriend both of them met after series of Conversations agreed to visit him.

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According to the rich man, Nyamewaa visited him and they both got intimate and enjoyed each other’s company.

Prior to them enjoying themselves intimately, the lady had requested for her phone to be changed and an iPhone 11 was given to her as a gift after their affair and some money added which she was elated about and later left his apartment.

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Rumours had it that Too Much Money had purchased a Brand new automobile for his Girlfriend and upon hearing that, Angie Nyamewaa started making some demands amongst asking him to open a shop in Madina and this didn’t go down well with the Businessman as he bluntly refused to respond to her demands.

According to Too Much Money the lady had formulated a story that he had raped her and the allegation had went viral on snapchat and is gradually tarnishing the image of himself, family and friends.

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Mr. Jeff indicated that the matter is being dealt with in the right way as it is before the police for further investigations.

Watch the video below:

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