‘Kwaku I Want To Die, Take Care Of My Girls’ – Funny Face Leaves Suicidal Note To Kwaku Manu Amid His Fracas With His Baby Mama

Funny Face‘s suicidal  note after Kwaku Manu‘s advise to him to cease fire amid his brouhaha with his baby mama, Ama Vanessa causes fear and panic among Ghanaians.

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has added his voice to the ongoing exchanges between Funny Face and his baby mama Vanessa.

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Funny Face has accused a number of people being behind what’s happening to him. Kwaku Manu who is very concerned about what Funny Face is going through has some piece of advice for him.

In the video, Kwaku Manu begged Funny Face to please stop sharing his marital affairs because it is not healthy.

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According to him, not everyone’s in a happy marriage but they don’t come on social media to talk about it.

He further asked for those around him to please talk to him because things seem to be getting out of hand, click here to watch Kwaku Manu’s advise to Funny Face.

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Reacting to Kwaku Manu’s message, Funny Face penned down a long message in the comment section appreciating the love he has shown him during this difficult time of his life.

However, his message was a sucidal one, which has caused a massive panic among Funny Fans and others who love his craft.

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According to him, he wants to die because of all what he’s passing through, and if he dies, Kwaku Manu should take care of his twin daughters.

Funny Face wrote:

@kwakumanubob I will never be angry with u bro I love u Kwaku  bro am in pains … ask abt VANNESSA at pataaaase and they will tell u zz Kwaku I even sold my soul for dis girl and Kwaku see how she has ended my life… Kwaku I want to die … but know dat I love you and u were real with me .. when I was alive .. take care of my girls .. Kwaku I love u and for life is for life .. see u at da other side zzz “ Gye Nyame “  @kwakumanubob

See the screenshot below:

Funny Face's suicidal  note after Kwaku Manu's advise to him to cease fire amid his brouhaha with his baby mama, Ama Vanessa causes fear and panic among Ghanaians.

Funny Face also send out a strong warning to Kalybos, Lil Win and Bismarkthejoke says he will slap them when he sees them, click here to watch the video.

Below are some few reactions from Ghanaians:

Asem oo so he is going to die?😂 .wow

deborah_ruth_gyimah His colleagues should reach out to him… Hmm we don’t want to hear any bad news biaa

SMH kwaku manu just posted an advise and all of a sudden “take care of my girls cuz I love you. ? He shd ask if her in pataase for what? You are the one that have kids with her. Didn’t you ask about her in paatase before u embark on that journey ?

Funny face will never have peace unless she go apologize to the lady for the pain u caused her 😓you don’t disgrace and disrespect a lady that way and expect to be happy!HEEL NO!

_kella.xx Eeeeiii at this point I’m scared

The woman is probably in the hospital going through csection for a second time .. can he put her NAME to rest and pray for her to deliver safely . 🤦‍♀️ What is all this drama aaaa . Doesn’t he have some heart to think of what the lady is going though right now at the hospital ??. Aaaah

armahbest_ 😂😂😂sold your soul u said

wrote: Like joke , like Joke funny face needs medical attention oo. Yoo

wrote: Dear Vanessa, pls take it easy ooo and try to solve your issues with Funny. Your the woman you suppose to make sure your home is at peace. If something happens to him you will regret it ooo, you will not like it ooo.. Aaah, pls be the noble woman and caring mother and bring peace to your home🙏🏾

entangl3ment2.0 wrote: This is getting outta hand 💔

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