Diamond Appiah ‘Angrily’ Evokes Curses On A Troll Who Called Her Barren | Details

Former musician but now a business mogul, Diamond Appiah has rained curses on a troll who commented beneath her post and called her a barren woman.

This came about after Diamond Appiah shared a harmless post on her Instagram page and this user @atonsufriedrice1 took beneath her post to blast her.

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According to this fake Instagram user, Diamond Appiah should end her barrenness and stop posting ‘rubbish’ on her won Instagram page.

The troll also fired up by stating that Diamond Appiah has undergone a plastic surgery and that is certainly why she cannot give birth.

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@atonsufriedrice1 wrote:

Ends barrenness nka nkwasiasem wai.. obviously your plastic surgery can’t get pregnant.

After Diamond Appiah sighted on the comment under her post, she angrily replied the troll (@atonsufriedrice1) with a generational curse.

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Diamond Appiah in her reply indicated that she has monitored that same comment but from a different fake account which she knows who is behind that account.

Diamond replied the troll with:

This is about the thousand time I have received the same comment from different fake accounts so Whoever is behind this account @atonsufriedrice1.. I Diamond Appiah curse u from the depth of my soul for calling me barren when Doctors haven’t declared me barren. If u already have a child or Children, I ask death to take away ur child/children before 2021 ends so that u will leave the life of a barren woman u wish for others. I will use anything I know under this sun to make sure that this curses shall come to pass and nobody can reverse it without my knowledge. If they try May death visit them and their household. Next time u won’t go round calling women who are planning their lives as barren. This is 2021, the year of war n death upon our enemies Try me n see 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #BACK TO SENDER

Diamond Appiah again recorded a voice note and blasted @atonsufriedrice1 for calling her a barren, while sharing the video, she wrote:

@atonsufriedrice1 aka u know urself. You will live the life of a very Miserable Barren woman before u die, your family n strangers will reject u on ur sick bed, nobody will come to ur aid when u need help, the earth will reject u, and the heavens will also reject u. I use ur child/children as a Thanksgiving offering to my hometown gods before the end of 2021 and I use ur womb as football for the wicked demons n principalities. Since u declared Barreness for someone Doctors hasn’t declared barren, that Barenness u wish for others shall follow u all the days of ur life. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #BACK TO SENDER

Diamond Appiah did not end there but went further to reveal she is not God to have mercy on some who keeps attacking her with fake account, Diamond wrote:

Before u try me, Remember I am not God and I do not forgive. Nobody wins against the daughter of the Lion King. I will crush u without mercy and nobody can save ur ass from my grip. So advise urself before u try me 🔥🔥🔥 This will serve as a lesson to all the other idiots out there. 2021 is not a year I will entertain any form of negativity here from looses who hide behind fake accounts. I will curse u n crush u 🔥🔥

post by: Dwomoh Dennis for thedistin.com.
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