Video Of How Government Taskforce Clashed With Armed Military Officers Protecting Chinese Miners At Manso

Over 30 fully-armed military protecting Chinese miners pillaging Manso Forest despite Government’s caution.

A lot of Ghanaians have been appalled by what they saw in a video released by joy news purported to be from one galamey site in the Ashanti region.

The government taskforce on galamsey control in the company of some journalist in the Ashanti region went on their usual petrol and what they came across in one galamey site was really shocking to the bone.

The joint taskforce in the company of some journalists discovered a very horrific scenes in a forest at manso.

They discovered very distructive scenes in the middle of the forest.

What was more interesting was presence of military officers giving protection to these illegal miners who were mainly Chinese nationals.

The military patrol team managed to arrest all the chinese officials who were perpetuating the act but upon a call placed to an unknown person by one of the guards giving the Chinese protection, dozens of armed military officers came from no where.

These military officers came and freed all the arrested Chinese nationals and asked all the media men around to delete all their recordings and pictures taken.

The wind screen and side mirrors of a vehicle multimedia was smashed in the middle of the scaffold that ensued.

It is very shameful for Ghanaian security personnels to give protection to foreign nationals who are at the verge of destroying all our forests and water bodies.

The million dollar question most Ghanaians are asking is that, can any Ghanaian go to China and engage in any act that destroy their natural resources?

The answer is certainly not. So where lies the future of this country when such destructions can occur at the full glare of our most revered security officers.

It’s obvious the battle against galamsey has been lost and the future of this nation is doomed.

There will be a time when Ghana would have to import portable water and even all food items from neighboring countries. This is simply because, the rate at Which our forest are being destroyed, there will be none left in the near future for even the cultivation of crops to feed ourselves as Ghanaians.

Most of our river bodies also take their source from these forest areas as such any destruction of the forests results in a corresponding pollution of our water bodies.

The fight against galamsey has now become a collective one.

We should all act as citizens in this fight since it effect is going to be borne by all.

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