Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19

Popular actor, Carl Judie in Dhar Mann Studios motivational videos is confirmed dead by his daughter, Brianna Walker and the CEO of Dhar Mann Studios.

Earlier today, 16 February, his daughter announced he passed away from complications related to covid-19.

Last week, rumours of Judie’s hospitalisation and illness had reached fans, who, in their concern, took to social media to find out what happened.

Who is Carl Judie from the Dhar Mann videos?

Carl Judie is as actor who is best known for his work on Dhar Mann’s viral videos. These are short motivational videos where actors depict real life situations in order to teach important life lessons to the (usually young) audience.

Judie has appeared in many of these videos – he played a husband singing to his wife everyday while she was in a coma, as well as depicting a husband’s unconditional love for his wife.

Dhar Mann has nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Carl Judie also played the grandpa in A True Menstrual Show in 2020.

He said that he only started acting about eight years ago when he had to step in because the main actor of his wife’s play had dropped out two weeks before opening night.

What happened to him?

There have been rumours on the internet surrounding Carl Judie’s death, after fans found out he was admitted to hospital with covid-19.

In the early hours of Tuesday, 16 February, Judie’s daughter, Brianna Walker, announced via Instagram that her father passed away from complications related to covid-19.

Dhar Mann also confirmed of Carl Judie’s death in a post he shared on his Facebook page. In Dhar Mann’s reaction, he noted that Carl Judie’s family is dealing with tremendous grief and gave out a GoFund for all loved ones to donate to his family.

Below is Dhar Mann’s reaction:

With a very heavy heart I’m sad to say our beloved actor Carl Judie has passed away. I’ve been trying to find the words to say for some time now but it’s just been too painful to write

😢😭Carl, God may have been ready to give you your wings, but we were not ready to lose you. Your mom and your daughter may have been ready to reunite with you in Heaven, but we weren’t ready to lose you on Earth. You were a real life Angel, giving hope, inspiration and love to Billions of people all around the world touched by your amazing work. You may be gone now, but you will always live in our hearts, and your legacy of changing lives will live on forever 🙏🏽❤️

For those that don’t know, Carl was in a coma for some time. His doctors said that he wasn’t going to make it. His close friends and family said their final goodbyes to him. Then we called on our incredible community to pray for him and ask God for a miracle to happen. And it did. Carl regained consciousness long enough to see his wife over Zoom, for her to sing to him, and for him read some of the hundreds of thousands of comments people left for him all over the world telling him how much he meant to them. And he must’ve had a big smile on his face reading them. For that I am grateful, knowing his heart must have been full of so much love before God called His Angel back. It makes me so happy to know that you got to see how impactful your life was and how much you meant to everybody.

I have been in touch with his family and we will be helping to take care of his final expenses. We are setting up a memorial for him at our studio and we will continue to share his work for many, many years to come so everyone can know what an incredible man he was. If Carl touched your life and you would also like to help his family who is dealing with tremendous grief, you can donate through this GoFundMe link: https://gofund.me/55f679bb. All proceeds go to his family.

“With tears of sorrow we cry each day, in angel’s arms you were carried away. Our memories of love and laughter shall not fade, for inside our hearts you will always stay.”- Dhar Mann

P.S. The ad revenue from this video will be donated to his family.

Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19

Below are his pictures:

Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19
Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19
Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19
Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19
Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19
Dhar Mann Studios Actor, Carl Judie Dies Of Covid-19

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