Ghanaians Blast Benedicta Gafah For Sharing Her Nak.ed Picture On Sunday | Screenshots

Actress cum model Benedicta Gafah gets blasted by Ghanaians for showing off her raw nyansh on social media after Sunday church service

The actress on Sunday after posting a sexy picture of herself probably to flaunt her curves but we guess it was a wrong timing for her since social media didn’t spare her this time around.

Immediately she shared the picture on Facebook, netizens who are probably Christians said just after they closed from church the devil has decided to make them commit a sin.

On several occasions, she has been insulted by social media users after one of her photos revealed she was using a hip pad to enhance her looks.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes after she posted this new picture on her Facebook, she deleted it probably because the insults were flowing like a river at the comment section but screenshotted it before she deleted it.

Below are some screenshots of comments under her post

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