I Get Multiple Orgàsms In Day, Just By Looking At Someone I Like – Young Lady Reveals

A woman, Amy Mathews has revealed she has had too many orgasms and climaxes just by looking at someone she fancies.

According to Amy, 23, she has had orgasms on public transport, in college and even during lunch with her parents.

Now, she says, she is addicted to them as her record for an individual sexual encounter is an incredible 18 orgasms.

She is single and is a dance teacher from Oxford.

Amy has a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that causes flexible joints and loose tendons. According to her, orgasms help reduce the pain that she gets from the condition.

She was 15 when she had her first boyfriend. They were together for three years and it was with him she had her first sexual encounter, which she describes as “a bit of a non-event”.

Amy says: “I orgasm very easily and multiple times. If I’m on my own on a train and see someone I fancy, I’ll start to orgasm then and there. If I’m in bed with someone, I can pass out from having so many that are just too intense.

“On other occasions my abs hurt from the constant contractions in my tummy and pelvic area.

“Sometimes I feel bad for the other person when I’m having so many and he gets just the one.”

She says her sex life evolved when she started a seven-month relationship at the age of 18.

“With this guy I learned to properly orgasm. They occurred via vaginal penetration and stimulating my clitoral area.

“When we had sex, I was having a minimum of five.”

After they split, Amy could orgasm at any time in any place even without sex or physical stimulation.

“I took medication (for her condition) but it made me tired. But if I had sex or orgasmed with a sex toy or by myself, I’d perk up again. I don’t take meds (for the pain) now. I prefer to orgasm instead.”

She says she’s been addicted to orgasms since age 18.

” feel bad for the other person…I’m having so many, he’s having one. I’d been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and one of my dance college teachers told me I was too fat. There was a lot of drama going on in my life and I started to suffer anxiety.”

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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