Barbara Tommey, Lilian, Two Other Women Who Were Allegedly Killed By Their Husbands, Boyfriends – Lessons, Solutions To Such Deaths

Lilian Dedjoe, Barbara Tommey, Akua Agyemang, and Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu, four women who reportedly died out of abusive marriages and relationships that shocked Ghanaians.

We’re just three months into the year, and Ghana has already seen two tragic deaths of women in abusive relationships.

It all began with an East Legon businessman, Mr. Charles Prince Dedjoe, who allegedly threw his wife, Lilian Dedjoe, from a storey building down to her death, as the late Lilian’s brother and family seek justice after some already registered allegations that her husband was assaulting her, click here to read more.

Then, another tragic death of a level 300 lady, Elizabeth Yesutor, whom per police report died due to physical abuse suffered at the hands of her partner Philip Caesar Kumah hit Ghana, click here to rea more.

These two tragic deaths have triggered a conversation on social media about domestic violence and how Ghanaian society implicitly condones such vices.

Since news of the incident broke, social media has been awash with various accounts of abuse, particularly ladies, have encountered in relationships.

Today, wishes to share with the world four tragic deaths that Ghanaians can never forget, all of which are the product of domestic violence, as well as potential remedies.

1. Lilian Dedjoe

Prince Charles Dedjoe, Allegedly Murdering His Wife, Lilian Dedjoe. Dedjoe assaulted his wife, which resulted in her sustaining varying degrees of injury, after which she sought treatment at the Madina Polyclinic.

When Lilian returned home, her condition deteriorated. On March 6, she went into coma and was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. (Read More Here)

Prince Charles Dedjoe and wife Lilian

2. Barbara Tommey

Barbara Tommey was shot and killed by her husband Sylvester Ofori. She was previously abused by him to extend of threatening to kill her.

Barbara filed for Divorce before she met her untimely death. (Read More Here)

3. Akua Agyemang

Minta Adiddo Killed his wife Akua Agyemang by stabbing her at least 15 times then running her over with his car because he thought she was having an affair with a neighbour.

The 32-year-old mother of two died two months after the brutal stabbing, which was witnessed by her five-year-old daughter.

4. Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu

Yesutor Elizabeth

Mr Philip Caesar Kumah, has been arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death. Elizabeth Yesutor Akpalu, complained about being physically assaulted by the suspect to her friends.

She, however, did not heed their advice to report the abuses to the police. (Read More Here)

Mr. Kumah Caesar Philip after reports that he killed his girlfriend, Yesutor Elizabeth Akpalu.

Solution To Domestic Abuse:

If you are in Domestic Violence situation, please seek help. Please don’t suffer in silence. Get help! Non Profit Organisations like The Ark Foundation, Ghana and The Pearl Safe Haven offer support and advise. Most importantly Dovvsu (Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit) of Ghana Police Service.


Ghana Police – Emergency Support: 18555

DOVVSU Helpline: 0551000900


FIDA (Legal Support)

WISE (Counselling Support)

CSDV : (+233) 0244785314

RIP to the lost souls!

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