Kwabena Beng: Man Who Married Two Women Within 24hrs In Ghana Breaks Silence, Reveals His Reasons And More | Video

A spiritual herbalist, Nana Kwabena Beng who set record by marrying two women at the same location has detailed his reasons, and more about his wives in an interview with Kofi Tv.

A young handsome man by the name, Nana Kwabena Beng on Sunday, 4 April, 2021, tied the knot with two women at the same location at Akyem Kukurantumi a suburb in Eastern Region.

He performed the marriage engagement ceremony of Nyarkoa Dora a.k.a Ama Tawiah and Marvis Serwaa. Dora Nyarkoa is his first wife and Marvis is his second wife.

After the marriage rite, the man outdoored two children both ladies have given birth to him. His second wife, Marvis gave him his first child and his first wife, Nyarkoa’s child followed within few days.

According to the man, he gives them equal treatments and he spoke with them and they agreed with their individual families to live with him as their husband.

The man said his wives are caring and that they can call him when he is not around to make sure he is safe wherever he is.

Mr. Beng said he has no favorite and doesn’t see any of them as superior than the other adding that he they all have special qualities that make them unique.

When his wives were asked whether they were working, they said no and the man revealed that to him, he doesn’t want them to work but want them to have full time for him.

The man has revealed in his interview with Kofi Adoma that his main reason for marrying two women is that he is a spiritual herbalist and for that matter he must respect the customs.

He explained that he married two women because he doesn’t eat from outside and also, a woman on her menses cannot cook for him to eat.

According to him, one of his wives will cook for him when the other is in her menstrual cycle. He added that he doesn’t joke with his work and that there is no need for him to go hungry because of a woman on her period.

Watch the video below:

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