Video That Led Rev Obofour To Angrily Warn Nana Agradaa After Firing Pastors Blaming Kasoa Murder On Akomfo | Video

This is what fetish priestess Nana Agradaa said that burst the bubbles of APC founder and leader, Rev Obofour for him to issue stern warning to her.

Fetish priestess Nana Agradaa had subtly blasted Rev Obofour and other pastors on her “The Talking Point” show on Thunder Tv.

Agradaa’s attack comes after Rev Obofour reacted on the recent Kasoa murder case, advising Ghanaian youth to be hard working but not to just look for shortcuts to amass wealth, click here to watch the video.

After Rev Obofour’s advise, many netizens have blasted him as some have revealed he is one of the people who give room to the youth to look for quick means to be rich.

According to many, Rev Obofour has always been flaunting money online which put pressure on some youths.

Among Rev Obofour’s critics include Nana Agradaa. Nana Agradaa is initially known as a fetish priestess but now has added presenting to her jobs. On her show on 10th April, she blasted Rev Obofour and involved his wife and triplets.

According to Nana Agradaa, many people have directed their anger on her as if she is the only ritualist in the country.

Nana Agradaa also accused popular men of God in Ghana as some of the cause of the youth looking for wealth. From her reaction, Nana Agradaa targeted Rev Obofour although she didn’t mention his name.

Nana Agradaa blasted Rev Obofour over his recent sermon where he revealed that it should be the priority of every human being to look for wealth rather than to seek heaven.

According to Nana Agradaa, Rev Obofour’s kind of sermons to the general public especially to his church members are one of the major causes of children looking for shortcuts to amass wealth.

Nana Agradaa said the pastors who are meant to be winning souls are not doing their jobs well but what they aim at is to make money from their oils, perfumes and other products they sell.

Nana Agradaa said Rev Obofour was the last person she expected to react to the recent Kasoa murder case because he does the most.

Watch the video below:

Nana Agradaa’s attack on Rev Obofour has led him to warn her to retract some statements and allegations she levelled against her.

Rev Obofour said his family should been the least people Nana Agradaa or any other person in Ghana should insults when he has a personal issues with them.

According to Rev Obofour, Nana Agradaa’s biased way of doing presenting without her investing things in-depth, he will fight her with all of his life and last blood.

The man of God revealed that the battle line between himself and Nana Agradaa has just been drawn and I’ll never pull back.

Rev Obofour asked Nana Agradaa to retract her statements about his wife and triplets and some other allegations she has levelled against him else, from today 12 April, he will face her personally and by the law, click here to watch angry Rev Obofour’s reaction to Nana Agradaa claims.

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