”Don’t Say A Word I Dey Your Back”-Aisha Modi Tells Bofowa To Calm Down Amidst Rev Obofour And Nana Agradaa Fight

Ghanaian Celebrity Aisha Modi in a recent post has assured Rev Obofour’s wife to step aside as she (Aisha) is ready to help fight her enemies.

According to Aisha Modi, Bofowaa is not the kind of lady who comes to TV or social media to insult but rather a busy woman who has a lot of people to take care off.

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Her business is to protect lives not to destroy lives so she needs to calm down for those who can do the social media fighting like herself to do that.

In sharing her story on instagram, she said

Awwwww Obaa Yaw Antwi papabi. @bofowaa my beautiful and classy mama. Biko pls don’t say a word wai na I Dey ur back 2/4/7. !!! When you walk and dine with dignitaries you become successful In life.

How well do you know Obofowaa?? My Queen Obofowaa is a young blessed Entrepreneur with 7 Trucks working for her with a profit of …….. from each truck in a week, Obofowaa is a great lady who used three months to build better houses for visitor’s who came to support her burry her late mom not the other braggart who sleep in hotels when she visit her hometown..Obofowaa is a matured lady who a man spent money to marry because she was well trained home, She is not the type who beg men with money for marriag because they are ugly and opportunists.

Obofowaa is that sent Angel who blessed REV Obofuo to become a billionaire after their marriage. Obofowaa is that kind hearted lady who is taking care of thousands of people to achieve their aims in life, Obofowaa is not your regular type of lady who sit and shout on TV like a hungry pig just to steal from innocent people. Hey Grandma sika Gari can you buy a mansion worth million dollars in the state and pay tax while staying in Ghana.

Gari ambassador nowadays your customers are complaining because the gari you sell to them are mixed with sand. At your age you want to fight with your granddaughter who can buy your TV station and use it to sell indomie. Old woman with fermented brain, Your hard face like your village road. Onukpa buulu 😏😏🤣🔥. Why am I even bothering myself mpo I know she can even Read 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. GODFATHER PLS DONT COOL FIRE 🔥! More firrrrrrrreeee😂😂😂😂😂

Source: thedistin.com

post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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