Did Adu Sarfowaa Confirmed Been Pregnant? Check Her Response As Netizen Showed Concern About Her Alleged Pregnancy

Ghanaian self acclaimed strong lady has reacted to rumor of been pregnant for the same man that called for her arrest.

Netizen in a comment asked Adu Sarfowaa about the alleged pregnancy and the curses that was ruined on her by the rivals in the social media beef.

Adu Sarfowaa who couldn’t respond to the issue of been pregnant tackled the issue of been cursed ignoring the pregnancy aspects.

This was at the time where many people keep wondering if indeed she is pregnant for the same man that caused her arrest.

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However, her silence on the issue makes it clear that the is an iota of truth in the rumor.

As pregnancy never hides itself, symptoms will soon begin to show to confirm if indeed she is pregnant or not.

Check out her response


post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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