Diamond Appiah Trolls Instagram Bloggers Who Claim To Be Rich But Couldn’t Attend Their Fathers Funeral

Beef between Instagram bloggers Diamond Appiah and the others continued to shake the Ghanaian internet space.

Diamond Appiah has alleged that Instagram blogger @those_called_celebs upon all her bragging couldn’t give the father a befitting burial.

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She continued that, siblings of the blogger upon all their riches couldn’t come to Ghana to bury their father because they don’t have valid passport and unable to travel outside Europe.

After her post, blogger Aba_The_Great also responded to her by blasting her.

Check out their fight

When I said this land guard is evil and dubs into all sort of things, y’all thought perhaps I was making it all up.

People like Diamond Appiah alias Landguard alias Sarah Mensah you can never trust. Fraudsters do anything for money, for this reason, they attract different spirits to work on scamming people… their personality is full of lies because they are being controlled by evil force. Who is in his or her rightful mind, would post a dead man to ridicule another?

Like how is that possible, if you are not an evil person… why must you pity such human like Diamond Appiah if calamity falls before them. Diamond you are sooo evil!

In fact you are a useless witch! Anyone who associate themselves with you will loose something valuable in their lives.

You are possessed with evil spirits and I pray this man you posted on you page, I pray he hunts you for the rest of your life…. y’all are bunch of losers, u won’t learn sense… this maame water will soon use someone close to her as a sacrificial lamb for her gods…. and you Tracey, you better open your eyes and change for the good of it.

If she has taken you someone where too, return to Jesus, the only salvation you could ever get before it’s too late…. what I’m seeing now is disgusting and just below the belt… this mafia gang leader is not classy at all.

Rich woman mpo nie, who is blogging pass me. 😂 No wonder men don’t wanna date you. You are so alone. You stink! Snake 🐍 woman . wheeeew! Dirty woman, carcass, the dead you posted looks finer than you… Bush old grandma with no sense! Ofui!

Who abused you like this, who damaged your life to this point, why are u soo bitter and terrible! Your gods have failed u, u are rotting away… you will soon crash


post by: Kovey Mawuli for thedistin.com.
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