“Criss Waddle set me up, took my freedom from me” – Showboy For The First Time Narrates How AMG Boss Ruined His Life While He’s Still In Prison (Photos)

Former AMG member Showboy also known as Showbezzy accuses rapper and CEO of AMG business Criss Waddle for ruining his life as he still serves jail time

According to him on his Instagram page, 5yrs ago Criss waddle sent Junior US who is now dead to his house to pay him back an amount he (Criss) owed him.

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He added that, Criss Waddle and some AMG members came to the court, lied and said they were scared of him because he is a gangster.

He further said he has not seen him for 5 years now adding that he is depressed and suffering mentally.

He revealed this after a fan asked him why he is mentally unstable.

5yrs ago criss waddle sent junior us to my house (apartment) … they set me up..my life hasnt been the same since then .July 3,2016 . I never forget this day . u can read the statement and see the lies they told police ,came to court and denied everything and said they scared of me . Told court am a Gunsta .. prosecutor told me I got a Huge Ego and said I call the shot .. i was profiled .. if not criss waddle sending junior to me to come pay me money he criss waddle owed ..all this never was going to happen .. junior us was never my friend .that was criss waddle friend that hated on me out of jealousy .. I was set up by criss waddle and his friends. .thats the facts … still ain’t got no visit from criss waddle till today. .. haven’t seen him in 5yrs … being doing time for almost 2 and half years now … still depressed ..still suffering mentally … I am not innocent ,I was attacked first and I defended myself by stabbing. .I dont have control off ma adrenaline ..I did whatever to survive at the moment. .THEY SET ME UP ..TOOK MY FREEDOM FROM ME …. U ASK WHY AM MENTALLY UNSTABLE..THIS IS .. I DONT HAVE NO FRIEND ,NOBODY TO TRUST … JUST FAKE LOVE ALL AROUND ME

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