Afia Schwar Blast A Commenter For Insulting Her, Claim The Beautiful Wife Is A Transgender

Controversial Afia Swarzenegger has blasted a fan who commented under one of her posts on her Instagram page.

Afia Schwarzenneger has called out a man and his wife after alleging that the man has insulted her (Afia ) in a comment section of her post

Afia who seems to be the no-nonsense type dug to get some lovely pictures of the man and the wife on his account.

Instead of attacking the man alone, she (Afia Schwar) attacked the innocent wife who knows nothing about the Afia and her husband’s beef.

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Afia Schwar went ahead to call out the beautiful wife of the man as a Lesbian and the man a g@y for insulting her.

For the first time, Afia Schwar made a post and non of her fans commented under it and its making it looks like Afia Schwar has beaten more than she can chew

In her Instagram post, she said

You married this thing with this long forehead n you have the guts to call me Names..
Your. Wife looks like a masquerade in makeup..Kwasiampayinbiba .
You married this transgender with a long face n you think you are on top of the world!!foolish her hard cheeks like a refugees.. sia Gay Man

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