Family Of The Late Kaaka Boycott The Public Hearing Committee | Here’s Why

The family of the late Ibrahim Mohammed well known as Kaaka have boycotted the public hearing committee and formally written to the committee that they will not participate in the ongoing public inquisition

According to the family spokesperson, the committee members from all indications have already arrived at their conclusion and just sitting on the panel.

Our apprehension of the wisdom in the Committee’s attempts to portray the live media coverage of the horrible events of Tuesday, as somehow causative, contributive or excessive of the criminal misconduct of members of our security forces

We are concerned about the Committee’s bizarre focus on the media and its routine recourse to pejorative or prejudicial language in describing the actions of media, including suggesting, and allowing the idea to percolate that the video recordings of the shooting by journalists could have been “doctored”.

We are concerned that these instances not only suggest that the Committee has already made up its mind, thereby creating a perception of bias among many people but also that it is courting disaffection for the very journalists who put their lives on the line so as to inform the public of the same events the President described as “unfortunate occurrences

We, the family of Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed, regret to formally notify you of our decision to not participate in the ongoing public inquisition, which is purportedly concerned with the “circumstances that led to the unfortunate occurrences of Tuesday, 29th June 2021″

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