“whoever goes to Badu Kobi’s church lacks common sense” – Avraham Ben Moshe Fires, Explains Why (Video)

One can simply view a substantial portion of the teachings of Avraham Ben Moshe, leader of the Common Sense Family, as someone who wants to stand for the truth any day

During a talk show called Bryt Extraa on Bryt TV hosted by Yaa Yeboah, Avraham Ben Moshe descended on some men of God who live a lavish life but advise their church members to give out huge monies so they can enjoy riches in heaven.

According to him, some pastors have personal bodyguards and well trained security dogs to protect them at home and other places but these same pastors are selling their calendars and posters to their church member in the name of spiritual protection against evil spirits.

He added that, any body who attends Badu Kobi’s church lacks common sense because they can’t reason properly and realize he is not from God.

He further said any pastor who gives false prophecies according to the old bible must be killed.

This comes after Badu Kobi’s fake prophecies about Brazil winning a football match and Argentina losing.

Prophet Badu Kobi’s Euro 2020 prophecy backfires after false Copa America prediction.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi had boldly prophesied that England would beat Italy to win the trophy.

He also stated that God had ordained Brazil to win the trophy at the expense of bitter rivals Argentina.

However, the game did not turn out that way, as Argentina won 1-0 thanks to a first-half strike from Angel di Maria.

Below is the video

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