Sources Of Income Of Obi Cubana, E-Money, Henry Iyke, Jowi Zaza, Valentine Ozigbo, Etc. Are Not From Occult Money Rituals | Details Revealed

A Nigerian man based in Finland, Obi-West Utchaychukwu, has explained why some of the sources of income of some big rich men in Nigeria like Obi Cubana, E-Money, Cubana Chief Priest, Mmerigwo Henry Iyke, Jowi Zaza, Valentine Ozigbo are not from rituals, fraud, money laundering or Sakawa.

To anyone who does not know Obi-West, he became a successful publisher in Finland years after the wealthiest man in his community disgraced him as a result of his financial challenges.

Now, the man is the official producer of The Face of African Queen Finland and can publish whatever he wants.

Obi-West Utchaychukwu is all shades of an accomplished young man as far as publishing is concerned.

The Finland-based Nigerian is famed for his rave-of-the-moment Diaspora Glitz Magazine that has consistently dished out quality and impressive contents.

He also doubles as the founding father and producer of The Face of African Queen Finland, a widely-followed beauty pageant for ladies with an African background.

Obi-West Utchaychukwu after sighting on claims that Obi Cubana is an occultic or into money laundering after he sprayed ‘elephant’ money at his mother’s funeral took to his social media platform to speak out on the matter.

Obi Cubana

Below is Hon Obi-West Utchaychukwu’s full post:

Using Someone For Money Ritual Is No Longer In Vogue.

The South Eastern Nigeria is the region where you will find the highest number of self-made billionaires (Not money stolen from Nigeria)

The Igbos have the highest number of millionaires in Nigeria. The poverty rate in Igbo land is very low when compared to other regions.

I don’t want to exaggerate, there is no Igbo family where you will not find a millionaire, thanks to the business acumen that characterizes a typical Igbo man.

The moneybags you saw at Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial turned carnival are top importers and exporters. Many of them are captains of industry. About 60% of them have sole distributorship of products needed in Nigeria and Africa. They represent big foreign companies in Nigeria.

If you are thinking that they are ritualist, occultic men, Yahoo Yahoo guys or they are into money laundering, you be MUMU. You need to emancipate yourself from the misconception you have about them.

Google the likes of E-Money, Obi Cubana, Mmerigwo Henry Iyke, Jowi Zaza, Valentine Ozigbo, Chico, Port Harcourt Instigator, etc, you will know that these guys knows what real business entails.

Let me shock you, one of them (name withheld) who is among those that raised N257m to support the burial is the sole distributor of a pharmaceutical drug in Nigeria that sells like pure water. The drug is the most effective drug for a particular disease (name withheld).

The young man makes N1000 from the N3,500 which is the selling price of the drug and the total sales of the drug per year is in millions. Invariably, he is making billions of naira every year and you are there on social media accusing him of being a ritualist.

You cannot get to this level with your salary. STOP WORKING and go into entrepreneurship and network with those who will show you the way.

There are several niches/markets that are yet to be tapped. Nigeria as an emerging economy has the largest market in Africa. There is nothing that you will import that will not be sold.

Poverty is vanity because it is vain for you to leave a life without meaning

May God direct our path

Hon Obi-West Utchaychukwu

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